New Website Launch

Welcome to T&A Safety Services!! If you haven’t heard of us before, here’s what we do:

  • We undertake independent incident investigations for our clients
  • We provide a selection of specialist incident investigation training courses, that are set apart from the rest, through their engaging and immersive content
  • And we offer a wide range of health and safety consultancy services.

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our new website, which provides more detail on all the services that we offer, and particularly, how we can support your organisation with not only improving how you undertake your investigations, but also give you the tools that will drive your organisation to undertake investigations that are effective.

We believe that T&A Safety Services can help you use incident investigations as a proactive tool, which:

  • may help your organisation prevent future incidents, and
  • inform how you can make better, more effective safety improvements for your organisation.

T&A Safety Services can support you with:

  • Specialised incident investigation training courses, specific to the rail industry
  • If you are not in the rail industry, don’t worry, we also offer the option of bespoke incident investigation training courses, that are specific to your industry
  • We also carry out independent incident investigations on your behalf, that help you demonstrate to your client, a positive, open and transparent approach to investigations.

Our new website offers you an online training calendar making it quick and easy for you to book your investigation training course, including the ability to make online payments, that will ensure your places are secured.

Look out for future newsletters, where we hope to share insights from industry experts. We will be talking about:

  • Why investigations are important to your business and your employees
  • How you can get the best out of your investigations
  • How to improve on your interview skills
  • The latest news and developments in the incident investigation world
  • Offer insights and thoughts into investigations that are shared across industries
  • Shared learning, that may just help you make a difference within your own organisation
  • And so much more!!