Training that ensures effective investigations in all areas of your business

Our IOSH approved investigation training courses cater to individuals working in all industries, across several disciplines. Check out this list of just some of the job titles of those who have already attended our training courses:

⏺ Chief Engineer
⏺ Engineering Manager
⏺ Professional Head of Design
⏺ Head of Performance & Strategy
⏺ Construction Manager
⏺ Programme Manager
⏺ OTP Engineer
⏺ Professional Head of Civil Engineering
⏺ Rail Investigator
⏺ Regional Director
⏺ Quality Manager
⏺ Quality Engineer
⏺ Project Manager
⏺ Operations Development Manager (TOC)
⏺ Operations Standards Manager (TOC)
⏺ Environmental Manager
⏺ Mobile Operations Manager
⏺ Health & Safety Manager
⏺ Operations, Logistics & Resource Manager
⏺ HSQE Director

In the world of accidents and incidents, investigations are not just related to health and safety but can be anything from engineering, environmental or quality incidents. Our course supports all areas of your business and is designed to equip your staff with the skills they need to investigate any incident that may occur in the workplace.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to enhance the investigation skills for you or your staff. Get in touch with us at to find out more about our investigation training courses.