Working Collaboratively

At T&A Safety Services, we believe that our investigation training courses are best in class, and that is only made possible by applying many innovative ways of teaching that ensure a truly immersive, practical and enjoyable course.

We take pride in offering what we consider to be the best investigation training courses for any industry. Our secret ingredient for success? Collaborating with Mandy Disney of AD Safety, Steve Willis of Rainy Days Hub, and David Grindley of Stephenson Steam Railway.

Together, we have brought creative and innovative approaches to T&A Safety Services training courses, providing delegates with a truly immersive, practical and enjoyable experience. By having access to a track environment, and adding actors to our training courses, we’ve been able to take our teaching to the next level.

This collaboration has allowed T&A Safety Services to develop a strong product, while contributing to the professional and personal development of all involved. We believe that leveraging the collective intelligence and skills of a group can achieve more than what individuals could accomplish alone.

We have been delivering these courses for several years now and are excited to continue delivering these courses for many more years to come. We encourage you to check out Stephenson Steam Railway and Rainy Days Hub to see what they can do for your business.